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Submitted on
June 7, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
(( WARNING: This is a LEMON, which means this story contains sexual things and stuff. If you don't like, then don't read. Thanks! ))

"Ughhhhh...." you sighed as you finished down another beer. Your (h/c) hair was messy, and you had a glazed look in your (e/c) orbs. Let's face it, you were drunk. You had managed to drink all of your best friend's, Ludwig, beer while he was at the store. How could you help it, when he imported the most delicious beer straight from Germany?

"_______, I'm home!" you heard Ludwig shout as he pushed open the front door. His voice sounded far away to you though, like he was yelling in a cave. When he walked into the kitchen, all the groceries fell out of his arms.

"______! What did you do?!" he yelled as he ran over to you.

"What's the matter Ludwig?" you slurred, trying to stand up. Ludwig grabbed your waist to steady you, his mouth hung open as he looked at all the empty beer bottles. He jumped as you ran your hands down his chest, feeling his muscles through the flimsy fabric.

"Ohhh!~ Somebody works out quite a bit don't they~?" you giggled when you saw the blush creep onto his face.

"Come on, ______, come lay on the couch." he muttered as he picked you up and gentley laid you there. Before he could get away, you through your arms around his neck and pulled him on top of you.

"__-______?" he stuttered, not making a move to get up. You smiled and pulled his lips down to meet yours. His eyes flew wide, the blush getting bigger and bigger. You pulled away and giggled.

"Oh Ludwig, do you know how long I have wanted to do that?" He stared at you for a moment, then kissed you again, this time with more force and passion. His tongue didn't ask for entrance, just forced itself in and battled fiercely with your tongue, which you won because of your tipsyness. When you two pulled away for air, Ludwig latched himself on your neck, sucking and licking until he found the soft spot that made you moan loudly.

"Oh L-ludwig!" you moaned as his hands wandered up under your (f/c) tanktop, grabbing your breasts gently. He quickly took your shirt off and threw it across the room. As you were drunk beyond belief, you didn't care that your chest was fully exposed. Ludwig's fingers played with the soft pink buds and rolled them around until they were hard with lust. You gasped and threw your head back in pleasure as he sucked on your left breast, licking and sucking the hard nipple, without forgetting about the right one. You whined when he detatched, but quickly shut up, for he had stuck his hand down your shorts and was now rubbing your clit in small circles. He smirked at you as he insert a single digit, wiggling it around to make sure you were comfrontable. He began to thrust it in and out quickly, earning little moans of lust and pleasure from you. You gasped as he took the finger out and unzipped his pants, revealing a, well, an above average cock. It was huge! Even drunk you suddenly felt shy, and said not a word as Ludwig removed your shorts and (f/c) panties.

"Are you ready?" he asked as he positioned himself at your entrance. You knodded, and he pushed all the way in. You whimpered as the pain hit, but soon it was replaced with heavenly pleasure.

"Move~Please Ludwig/" you whispered. He smiled and began thrusting into you with slow, long thrusts, eventually picking up speed, hitting your g-spot with so much force, you saw stars.

"A-ahhh! Ludwig, I-i'm gonna..."

"Me too!"

You screamed with pure extascy as you reached your orgasm, Ludwig doing the same. When you were both done, Ludwig gently kissed you.

"Ich Libe Diche ______"

"I love you too.
Hurr durr :3

I wrote this for a really cool person.

Well, aren't you the little alcoholic hmmm?"

Nah Jk but this was really interesting to write

My second Lemon, and most definantly not my last

Ludwig belongs to the one guy
You belong to Ludwig
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Haaa!!! This fits me ALMOST to a tee!! Im sort of a drunk when free time allows it but you shoulda left the nipple color as a blank space also cuz mine are brown ( im black btw lol) but other than,that THIS WAS AWESOME *super nosebleed*
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