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  • Mood: Sadness
Soooooo my mom can't afford to send me back to college this semester

So that means I cant get a degree

Which means I will be a loser my whole life

And half my family will disown me

  • Mood: Neutral
So hello friends! I am currently working on a couple things, but for one of them, I need a cover

Like a book cover

For a book lol

Soooo I was hoping one of you guys know how to use photoshop (and have it, that's why I can't do it) and could help me out!

If you can, please please pleaaaaaaaaase note me and I will tell you the details of the project

Merci Beaucoup!
W-where are you going, ________?"

"I saw a shadow of a ship pass by overhead! I want to check it out!" A beautiful mermaid swam along under the ocean surface, her (f/c) tail propelling her forward. A small blue and white fish swam with her, trembling with fear.

"_______ you can't! Your father made it a law that no merperson should go anywhere near humans! They only want to kill us!"

"They only want to kill you! And it's only a peak! Besides, its getting dark out on the surface, so no one will notice us!" She giggled as her fishy friend still looked frightened. They approached the huge vessel, which had stopped for the moment. _______ grabbed hold of the anchor line and pulled herself up out of the water. She found a hole where she could peak onto the deck to observe the humans.

They were making quite the racket, she thought, dancing around and whooping like they were. They were drinking a red liquid from their cups and sometimes when one of them men obviously had too much of the stuff, it would slop over the side of the cup and onto the deck.

"Humans are so fascinating!" She whispered in wonder. From the ocean surface, she could hear Tino telling her to come on, but she wanted to see why the humans were so elated tonight.

"Now now, gentlemen! Here is the man of the night, Prince Andersen!" A man stepped onto the deck from the depths of the ship. His sandy-blonde hair was spiked rather oddly to the side and his blue eyes sparkled with excitement. ________ was taken aback at how gorgeous he was for a human. He walked around on the deck, making jokes and enjoying everyone's company. He seemed so full of energy that ________ wondered if he even was a human! Suddenly a loud bark rang over all the noise and a large creature began to bound over to where _______ was peaking in.

Startled at first, _______ almost let go of the ship to escape the animal, but it licked her face, showing that it wasn't going to hurt her.

"What is it Ven?" The young man suddenly began to walk over to this Ven and _______. She panicked and let go of the ship, falling several feet before splashing back into the ocean.

"_______! I thought you would get caught and killed! I'm so glad you're ok." Tino sighed. _______ looked back over her shoulder as they swam away, catching one last glimpse of the handsome man named Prince Andersen as he looked into the water.

"Princess _______! Where have you been?" ________ froze and slowly turned around. Her father, King Triton was swimming up behind her, "You missed the recital! Many people were looking forward to hearing you sing!"

"I'm sorry dad, I just found the most fascinating thing at the ship wrecks and-"

"Ship wrecks? ________! You know you're not supposed to go there! Anything made by humans is dangerous! What happened if you got hurt?"

"Well I didn't and everything is fine! I don't understand why you think humans are so bad! They are so fascinating and make the strangest things! Its cool!" The king sighed and shook his head. He swam past her, heading for the palace.

"Mark my words, ________, if I find you messing with humans again there will be trouble!" _______ stuck her tongue out after him and turned away from the palace.

"Let's go to the cave, Tino. I need to cool down after that royal encounter with the royal pain!" She took off, letting her (h/l) (h/c) hair trail behind her. Soon she and Tino came upon a boulder which ________ promptly moved to reveal a deep cave. After she made sure Tino swam in, she shut the cave. Swimming to the back, ________ sighed. She was surrounded by her treasures, things she had collected from the human ship wrecks and stashed away to inspect and play with.

"I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be so bad." She sighed.

~Time skip~

"Hmmm?" _______ opened her (e/c) eyes at the sound of a loud bang vibrating through the water. "I must have fallen asleep, it's already moon high." She stretched, disturbing Tino in the process.

Another bang vibrated through the water, causing them both to jump.

"W-w-what is that noise?" Tino whispered. ________ looked out of the hole at the top of the cave and gasped. The same ship she had been observing earlier was now on fire!

"Come on Tino!" She cried, quickly moving the boulder and leaving the cave. She raced for the surface and was launched out. The nice weather from before was gone and a fierce storm had taken hold. Lightning must have struck the ship, causing it to catch fire. ________ watched in horror as people scrambled on the deck, trying to release smaller boats into the water.

"Come on Prince Andersen!" A voice cried out from one of the little boats. _______'s mouth dropped as she saw that the man was still on the burning ship, which was starting to collapse. He was holding something....the animal! With a heave he threw it down onto one of the boats and prepared to jump himself when pieces of the mast broke off and knocked him in the head. He was thrown into the churning water.

"No!" _______ cried, diving under to pull him up. His unconscious body weighed a ton, but she managed to get him back to the surface. "Humans can't breathe under the water Tino!" She shouted, "Find me a piece of the ship to lay him on!" Tino sped off, soon returning with a decently sized piece of wood. _______ draped the man's torso on top of the wood and began swimming in the direction that the little boats had gone.

~Time Skip~

Swimming with the unconscious man was harder than ________ thought it would be. She lost sight of the little boats and had to guess what direction they went in. The sun had begun to rise when she finally saw land.

"Almost there." She huffed, using the last of her energy to propel both her and the Prince onto the sandy beach. She gently laid him on his back to make sure he didn't suffocate on the sand. She couldn't help but admire his handsome face. He looked almost child like as he slept. She slowly placed a hand on his cheek, marveling at how soft it was.

Suddenly, he began to stir. _______ quickly removed her hand from his face and slithered back into the water. She watched from behind a rock as he sat up, rubbing his head. <i. It must hurt... </i> Then he was tackled to the ground by the animal from the ship, followed by another man who seemed to be weeping.

"Well, we got him home, didn't we Tino?" She sighed. She felt a small tug at her heart as she turned to go back to her cave. She remembered that she had been in such a rush to see the burning ship that she had forgotten to close it.

"So the mermaid returns." _______ gasped as her father swam out of the shadows of the cave. "Did you think I wouldn't find out about this-this atrocity?!" He gestured towards the cave. _______ flinched, not saying a word. Tino was hiding behind her, burrowing himself in her (h/c) locks. "I said that there would be trouble if I caught you dwelling on humans and now there is!" The golden Triton in his hands began to glow.

"Wait dad! Don't!" But it was too late. The king fired a blast at the cave, destroying it and everything in it. "NO!" _______ sank to the ocean floor, crying hysterically. The king turned to leave, casting a sad glance back at his daughter.

"I warned you, my child. Every action has a consequence." ________ wouldn't even look at him and continue to weep. It felt like hours passed by as she mourned. A hiss broke her out of her grief and she looked around in fear.

"Hello Princess _______." Two eels slithered out from behind the destroyed cave. "We see that you are quite fond of the humans, especially that Prince fellow. Our master has sent us to offer you a very nice deal." ______ rubbed her eyes cleared of her tears.

"B-but, aren't you the sea witch's pets?"

"We are indeed, but your aunt has decided that you have had enough misery here and wants to grant your deepest wish."

My deepest wish....

"Take me to her and we shall see." _______ decided. She swam after the eels, leaving Tino in shock. Soon they came upon a deep crevice in the ocean floor. The eels led _______ down into it, to the glowing light below. They entered a cavern filled with various bottles and one big caldron sitting in the middle.

"Ah! _______ my dear niece! Come in come in!" A woman with an octopus for her lower body drifted out of the shadows. _______ hesitated, not sure what to do. The woman wrapped her arms around her, as if to hug her.

"So they said that you could grant my deepest wish?" She pointed to the eels who only grinned in response.

"Why, yes my child! You wish to become a human! And with my powers I can easily transform you into one!" The sea witch led her over to the caldron, which began to bubble as the got near. "There is one thing though, your payment."

"But, I don't have any-"

"I'm not asking much really, it's so small you won't even miss it! What I want from you is your voice!" _______'s hand shot up to her neck. "But before anything, let me tell you about my spell. You will have three days, got that? Three days to make the Prince fall in love with you if you wish to remain human. To solidify the spell, he has to kiss you. But it can't just be any old kiss! No, no! It has to be the kiss of true love!"

"But without my voice how can I-"

"You have your looks, your pretty face! And girl please don't underestimate the importance of body language! Human men don't really swoon for a girl who talks all that much, so it should be a piece of cake!" A scroll appeared in front of _______, along with a quill to sign it with. "So what will it be, my dear? Be miserable for the rest of your life, or have some fun?"

"Don't-!" Tino had caught up with them and tried to warn _______, but he was shut up by the eels. She slowly took hold of the quill, looking at her aunt with worry.

"Go ahead dear, I don't have all day!" And with those words, _______ signed the scroll. It disappeared instantly and the sea witch began to chant. "Sing for me dear, to start the spell." _______ began to sing a short melody and her eyes widened as she felt a pulling sensation in her throat. A little light popped out of her mouth, carrying the song she was singing along with it. The sea witch locked the light in a seashell necklace, her eyes glowing. "Enjoy your freedom, while you still can!" She laughed as _______'s tail disappeared. It was replaced by two legs and her lungs began to fill with water. She desperately clawed for the surface and with the help of Tino she took her first real breath out of the water.

She collapsed on the beach, exhausted from the spell and the swim, which had been much harder than it usually was, with these new legs of hers and all. She tried to stand, but fell over. This is so much harder than I thought it would be! She tried again, managing to stay up on her wobbly new legs. She took a couple of shaky steps and when she didn't fall over, she let out a shout for joy. At least, that's what she tried to do, but no noise came out. The thud of paws on the sand distracted her from realizing how lame this deal was and she was knocked over by something.

A tongue began licking her face over and over again and a voice called out to her.

"Oh man! I am so sorry lady! Ven suddenly took off and knocked you right over! He never does that I swear!" He stopped, finally getting a good look at her. His face turned bright red and her averted his eyes. " let me help you."

He hauled Ven off of her, allowing her to sit up. He took off the long red jacket he was wearing and draped it around her shoulders.

"So...what's a pretty girl like you doing naked on the beach?" ______ tried to respond, but still nothing came out. "Huh, what's wrong? Cat got your tongue ey? Hahaha!" _______ smiled, but shook her head. She pointed to her throat, trying to get him to understand. "You can't speak?" She nodded excitedly. He had understood! "Well then, do you have anywhere to go?" _______ looked down on the ground and shook her head. A pat on the back made her head shoot up. "Well then! You can come stay with me! I'm the Prince, so I live in that castle over there! I will make sure you're well taken care of!" He led her off towards the castle with Ven trailing happily behind.

~Time skip~

After Andersen had explained the situation the the chambermaids, they rushed _______ into a tiled room with a large bowl in the middle. They had filled it up with warm water and bathed her in it. She was put into a pretty (f/c) dress that brought out her eyes and was swept back down the stairs into a large dining room.

"We present Lady Whisper for dinner." The chambermaids had given her that nickname, 'Whisper', since she couldn't speak. Prince Andersen stood up as she walked over to her seat, his mouth in the shape of an 'O'.

"You sure do shine up quite nicely, my lady. He said as he pulled out her chair for her. She sat down, smiling her thanks at him. Once he was settled in, they began to eat. ______ had never eaten such delicious food in all her life.

After eating as much as she could, all she wanted to do was sleep. Both she and the prince rose from their chairs. Before she could head back to the area they had designated as her room, Andersen grabbed her arm.

"Would you mind coming with me tomorrow to see the town? You seem like you aren't from around here and I want to show you everything that makes this place great." She nodded. He smiled, letting her arm drop back to her side. She practically ran back to her room, excited for the next day.

We are going on a date!

The next morning couldn't come soon enough. _______ was up way before the sun, trying to decide what to wear. In the end, she put on a (different color) dress with a matching bow. Prince Andersen came to her door an hour after sunrise and escorted her outside to a strange looking contraption. He lifted her up and placed her in it and she realized it was a transportation device. Two large creatures pulled the 'cart' as Andersen had said forward. They went into the town, exploring all the sights and sounds. _______ had never had this much fun down under the ocean. She never wanted this day to end.

But of course, it had to. The sun began to set as they finished their last activity; a ride in a row boat. Andersen was gently rowing them along in the shaded river. It was so peaceful and the atmosphere was pretty romantic.

"Say, I had a ton of fun today with you, Lady Whisper." Andersen said as she threw her a gentle smile. _______ heart longed to curl up in his strong arms and she was almost sure she saw a glint of longing in his blue eyes. If only I could tell him my real name... She sighed and looked down into the water and almost jumped out of the boat from shock. Tino was swimming right along side of the boat. She quickly signaled to him and he waved back.

So he's been watching over me? How nice! She tried to signal to him that she wanted the prince to know her name, but could not tell him herself. Tino seemed to get the message, as he nodded and leaped out of the water.

"Her name is _______." He managed to whisper before plopping back into the water.

"Did you hear that?" Andersen looked around. "It sounded as if someone said that your name is _______." She started to nod so vigorously that the boat began to shake. "Woah, your name is ______?! I wonder who whispered that.....whoever you are, thank you!" _______ giggled as she waved around to no one, silently thanking Tino for his help.

"Now that I know your name, Lady _______, maybe...." He grew silent, which ______ thought was strange for him. Suddenly, he stopped rowing and began to lean forward, his eyes closing.

Is he? Oh my he is! _______ closed her eyes as well and waited for the feeling of his lips on hers. The only feeling she got, though, was the feeling of being knocked into the water. As she popped out of the water, she saw that the boat had flipped over.

"That was weird! Come on, let's get you out of here and into some dry clothes." Andersen led ______ to the shore and helped her out.

~Back in the ocean~

The sea witch threw a bottle across the room, shattering it on the wall.

"That little wench! I didn't think she would be able to make him fall in love with her so quickly. I need to stop this, and I know exactly how to do so."

~On land~

______ flopped down onto her bed. Today was the most fun I have ever had in my whole life! If only the boat hadn't flipped when it did, then we could have.... She blushed and buried her face into her pillow. Tomorrow was the third day of the spell, and she knew that she had to get Prince Andersen to kiss her before the sun set. It shouldn't be too hard, it seems like he likes me as much as I like him!

As she drifted to sleep, she swore she heard singing from the beach. Singing that sounded identical to her voice. I just miss it is all She thought, rolling over and ignoring it completely.

When the sunlight hit _______'s face the next morning, she threw the covers off her bed and rushed out of the room without changing out of her night gown. She heard voices as she approached the stairway and crouched down behind the railing to see what was going on.

"I'm going to marry her." She heard Prince Andersen say. Glee filled every nerve of her body and she had to force herself not to jump up and do a happy dance. She stood up to go to the arms of her beloved, but was halted at the sight before her.

Another woman was hanging off of Andersen's arm, her black hair shining in the sunlight. It fell in waves down her back and her pale green eyes glimmered. She noticed _______ standing at the top of the stairs and shot a smirk in her direction. _______ felt tears filling her eyes and ran back to her room. She locked the door and flung herself back onto the bed where she wept. The chambermaids came to dress her and inform her that the wedding for Prince Andersen and Lady Wenda was to take place an a ship at sunset. _______ didn't care. She thought Andersen loved her, not some girl that just randomly came out of the blue!

Out of the blue.... She suddenly jumped up. That's no lady! That's the sea witch! She raced out of her room and left the castle, running towards the dock. I should have known! Every spell she casts has a nasty bite to it that she doesn't tell you! Oh Prince Andersen is in trouble! She skid to a halt. The ship had already departed and was heading into the distance. She dropped to her knees, unable to do anything but stare as the ship left.

"________!" She looked down to the water to see Tino frantically trying to get her attention. "The sea witch put a spell on the prince! He is in great danger!" _______ shook her head.

What can I do? I can't swim that far with these legs! Tino grew angry and slapped the water with his fin, splashing _______.

"I'm going to get you on that ship even if it kills me!" _______'s heart softened. Tino was still her best friend, even when she had legs. She dropped into the water and with the help of Tino, began to swim towards the ship.

~Time skip~

They had made it to the ship and _______ had climbed aboard. The other people gasped as she ran down the man-made aisle and knocked over the sea witch in disguise.

"Why you stupid girl! You shouldn't have interfered!" A shell necklace laced the sea witch's neck and ______ reached for it, knowing that she would get her voice back if she did.

"Sea creatures, attack!" Tino's voice rang from below the ship and many seals and seagulls jumped onto the deck, causing everyone to panic. This distraction made it easier for _______ to grab the necklace. She smashed it on the ground and light surrounded her body. The song she had been singing when she lost it rang aloud and the light disappeared into her mouth.

"I-I can talk!"

"_______?" She spun around to see Andersen staring at her in awe. "Y-you can talk?!"

"Yes! I was under a spell and-oh!" Pain silenced her. She fell to the deck, crying out in pain. Andersen ran over to her, grabbing her hand.

"What's wrong ______?!" But she couldn't respond. She could feel her legs merging back into her tail and the process was very painful. "Oh my god, your a mermaid!" ________ nodded miserably, wondering what had happened. Suddenly she was yanked up by her hair.

"I'll be taking her! And as for you, Prince Andersen, I will sink this ship and everyone on it!" The sea witch dove into the water, dragging _______ with her.

"No! Andersen!" She cried, struggling to break free. The sea witch threw her down onto the ocean floor, stunning her. As lights danced in front of her eyes, _______ watched as the sea witch cast another spell. She was growing larger and larger. When _______'s vision cleared, the sea witch was huge. She stuck out of the surface of the ocean. _______ could hear the people screaming on the ship as the sea witch brought her massive hand down on it. The ship groaned and cracked, the mast falling down. Half of it lay over the front of the ship, it's tip sharpened from the break. ________ swam towards the ship, but the sea witch batted her away.

"I don't think so!" With a wave of her hand, the section of the ocean that _______ was swimming it parted and she fell to dry ground. "I will kill you first! You have made this much harder than it should have been and-oh!!" The end of the mast was impaled into her stomach. _______ looked up at the ship and saw that Andersen had navigated it so that it would stab the sea witch. "No!" She cried as she shrank down, blood heavily pouring from her wound. She gurgled and sank into the depths of the ocean.

~Time skip~

______ was staring at the beach where Andersen stood. He seemed to be looking for her, but now that she was a mermaid again, there was no chance of them ever being together. A single tear slid down her cheek as she thought of the loss. Unbeknownst to her, King Triton had swam up behind her to observe the two star-crossed lovers.

"You really do love him, don't you?" He whispered. _______ nodded, not taking her eyes off the prince. Without warning, a light engulfed her. She gasped as she felt her tail split into two. She turned towards her father, tears of joy filling her eyes. "Go my daughter. I have seen how close you have become with this human. It makes me think that humans aren't so bad." _______ hugged her father tight.

"Thank you!" She cried as she raced to the shore. Andersen saw her and ran out to meet her. He lifted her up into the air, laughing.

"So I guess we are going to have to take fish off the menu, huh?" He joked as he set her down.

"Possibly." She laughed, launching herself at him. As there lips touched, _______ knew she had found true happiness.

They were soon wed, merfolk and humans alike coming to see their union.

And _______ was happy.    
Den Lille Havfrue (Denmark x Reader)
So this is a request for :iconkiddokunsgirl: and :iconhellahawaiian:

The title is in Danish since it's a story about Denmark lol

It really says The Little Mermaid lol

Yes this is spun off the Disney one, which I don't own, nor do I own Denmark lol

Here's a gift for you Baby~ by Cottoncandycat12
Here's a gift for you Baby~
Lol the title

This is for a secret santa thing I did

It is my gift to :iconaxiabetty:

She wanted a drawing of one of her characters and didn't mind if it was mature themed, so lalala here it is~

Sorry it's not so good, I haven't really been practicing bodies very much :iconsweatplz:

I hope they like it

The character belongs to :iconaxiabetty:
Power of three by Cottoncandycat12
Power of three
I was bored so I drew Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather last night!
I've been reading Warriors again that's really why lol

I don't own the characterssssssssssssssssss


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Passion the peaguses and Candy (How I see myself)
Let me tell yah one thing
:iconsexyamericaplz: :iconsexyenglandplz:
Please feel free to add me to your watch ;)
I do in fact take requests
But they may include a price
But they may not, you never know what mood I am in LOL
This is how you italisize (writing this for myself lol) <i words </i


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  • Mood: Sadness
Soooooo my mom can't afford to send me back to college this semester

So that means I cant get a degree

Which means I will be a loser my whole life

And half my family will disown me


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